The artwork has been collected by major museums including, yale University Art Gallery, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields, and Museum of Modern Art (MOMA).

The A Black Bird with Snow Covered Red Hills shows Georgia O'Keeffe's carved-out styles with distinct shapes and clarity on the theme. The painting uses light color gradients almost all through the painting except the bird-like structure. The painting's visuals show a bird's form during flight, with a blue background on the top side representing the sky. The light cream colors gradients show a simple landscape with elements of hills or mountains on the sides. The blackbird structure piece on the painting right in the middle of the painting shows the height capabilities that birds in nature can reach. The bird's placement height also shows the freedom of nature despite the constraints along the way.

The surface of the cream mountains shows traces of waterways such as streams or rivers from the painting. The waterways have tributaries from the top joining into single streams that flow towards the river's bottom. The streams represent how functional nature is working incoherently based on the physical structure it revolves around.

The painting’s dimensions are 30 x 35 inches or 76.2 x 88.9 cm. A Black Bird with Snow Covered, Red Hills painting, is currently located in Brooklyn with its status indicating sold. The painting has its original certificate of authenticity.

The painting is rather faint on the colors from the bottom but gets darker as it gets to the top. The top has darker gradients of blue, which represents how high up the sky goes. The blackbird is placed right at the top of the deep blue sky to show how high it can get, which is ultimately above the hills with clear visuals on the grown and the streams below. The intense light in the middle of the painting just above the bird could represent the sun's brightness, reflecting both to the ground and the bird's underside.

The painting has so much representation in it, a critical feature prominent in most of her paintings. A Black Bird with Snow Covered Red Hills painting’s protection is essential with all the history behind it.