Her artwork was inspired by her love of nature and the rural part of where she came from making it easy for her to express herself in reality what she felt rather than what she learned through teaching.

Georgia O’Keeffe became the first woman to own an exhibition at New York’s Museum because of her own influential and innovative nature.

The innovativeness inspired her to come up with Lake George Autumn Painting, which is a high-quality printing Produced on medium weight cover stock, its finishing was done by silken to protect the inks and maintain its vivid look.

As I stated earlier her artwork was inspired by her love of nature and her sense of expression; coincidentally she stayed at Lake George from winter to fall. She enjoyed the long walks around the hillsides and hiking up mountains so that she could have a clear vision of the lake’s mountain-rimmed waters.

Georgia decided to settle and established her humble studio which she nicknamed ‘shanty’ where she could concentrate on her work without distraction.

Lake George Autumn painting shows the appearance of the lake at dusk expressing the stretch of the mountain at the back end of the image, a large end of water stretching (Lake George) at the center and the stand of several trees at the foreground. However, she eliminates some information like the shoreline, distilling the mountain and lake appearance to give the painting its elemental form.

In conclusion, it is evident that Lake George painting was as a result of Georgia’s love of Lake George, which was where she lived.