Besides, the painter has added a black, vertical stripe at the centre of the painting just below the skull and runs to the end of the image. Besides, on either side of the object is a red stripe that runs the entire height of the painting. The painter has included lots of details in the image, especially the skull. Readers can make out the cracks on the surface of the skull, jagged edges where the cartridge has broken off and other worn out surfaces. Her choice of colours also helps highlight the skull in finer details.

Cow's Skull, Red, White and Blue shows the enduring spirit of the Americans. First, the bleached skull is a sign of the hot deserts found in large parts of the country. It shows that the country endures even in the most challenging times, such as the drought. Besides, the three colours depict the colours of the American flag behind the skull. It is her true love for her country that prominently comes to the mind of the viewer. Lastly, some critics also say that the human skull depicts the cross or the crucifixion of Christ. Georgia was a staunch Christian and would have used the image to show the strong ties that America had with Christianity at the time.

This painting is done with the modern art style. Modern art was a revolution in painting where artists threw away the established traditions and experimented with new ideas. They came up with fresh ideas in depicting objects and nature around them. Besides, they moved away from the narrative that was common with traditional art and picked abstraction, which was the mainstay of modern art. This kind of art was also called contemporary art. In this painting, Georgia presents ideas that may not fit in any of the traditional themes. Critics see the image as a part of history painting. This word is derived from Italian 'istoria', which means a heroic narrative illustrated in art. History type of art was initially used in religious paintings. However, it expanded to cover any topic where resilience and heroic actions are depicted, just as discussed in this painting.

Cow's Skull, Red, White and Blue in Detail Georgia O'Keeffe