While we can easily see that she has painted a garden of flowers, they are done so in an abstract way which makes up believe there is more to it than meets the eyes. She composes her pieces in a way that abstract pieces and naturalistic pieces in one painting make the entire piece look unique. You can see how the influence of Arthur Wesley Dow peaks through this painting. There is a personal touch to the pieces she creates, and you can always spot these across the room.

Georgia combines a vibrancy unlike any other and uses a lot of the skills she got from her schooling days in all her paintings. In this painting, you can see how she combines the various textures learned to bring the painting to life. The two styles come together into the painting to make it look harmonious. It is the style she has learned to employ over the years and can be seen throughout her paintings. Since she underlines her paintings in charcoal before painting and applying color, you can see how this works out for her in pieces. The lines drawn all come together and make the entire painting look well put together. The charcoal marks ensure that she has stayed on the course of her painting.

One can say that the way the painting comes together shows how she draws inspiration from her lie in New Mexico and where she grew up. The two styles of abstract and naturalism help her make the paintings in the way she makes them. The painting proves how much she would do in terms of ensuring harmony in her work. Georgia's paintings are a work of art to behold. She put so much attention to all her pieces you cannot help but marvel at them. The effort she put into the painting "From the Old Garden No 2" is why we can still relate to it to date. Her other works have also remained relevant through the years. It goes to show just how much of a great talent she was.