In front of us here we find a fairly plain mount of land which reaches a flattened peak in the centre of the composition. The land is relatively barren, perhaps sand-based. There are just a few small shrubs dotted around the scene, as most plants have been unable to cope with the dry nature of this environment. The touches of pencil or charcoal are subtle, and smoothly delivered which ensures that the overall piece fits together consistently. She also does not introduce light or colour within this artwork, concentrating on form most of all as she perhaps prepares for a later oil painting. There is, however, a consideration of shadow across the peak of this hill which helps to add a little interest plus a small sense of perspective. Georgia O'Keeffe was a highly skilled draughtsman who impressed from an early point in her career within this medium.

The artist had a number of her charcoal drawings put on display without her consent and this ultimately kick-started her career. Many visitors who saw the items on display would see the potential that she possessed and it would only be later that she chose to switch her focus more towards the use of oils instead. That development would give us classic pieces such as Jimson Weed, Oriental Poppies and Red Cannas but it is important that we do not forget that drawing was the original source of her success. Even when switching to painting, the artist would still continue to use drawing as a means to planning out compositions and even her study pieces are today particularly valuable on the rare occasions that they come up for sale at auction. Additionally, even her paintings would often feature pencil strokes first, prior to oil being added over the top.

Drawing has long since been an important medium which laid behind so many successful careers. One man who impressed particularly was Francisco de Goya from Spain whose drawings included the likes of Self-Portrait (Drawing), Majo Laughing at Two Girls Fighting and Majos and Majas Conversing. As those drawings demonstrate, he was particularly talented in portraiture, though he also combined his technical expertise with an imagination the like of which had never been seen before. He would take on other mediums too, and became an important chapter in the history of Spanish art. Today he remains highly regarded and his unique style is instantly recognisable, as are his most famous paintings from across an extensive career.