Judging from the name, it would be safe to assume that Georgia had Lake George in mind when she drew the painting. The painting displays a large mass of water with a deep blue surface. The blue color brings out a calm and serene atmosphere. Georgia may have wanted to evoke feelings of tranquility and peace in the mind of the audience. The water in the painting seems still with minor ripples across it. This symbolizes a state of stability and security that is usually part of a peaceful and calm environment.

Next to the large water body, a large mass of land that looks like a mountain can be seen. The reflection of the water is painted accurately and expertly into the surface of the water. Frankly, only people with a keen eye for details can tell where the surface of the water ends and where the reflection begins. The huge mountain beside the water may symbolize challenges and problems that people encounter in life. It may also symbolize the hardships and seemingly insurmountable quandaries that occur in life. The still cool water beside it assures that no matter what challenge occurs, life always has a way of finding a balance. This means that eventually peace and composure will find their way back into somebody's life.

Another point of focus of the soul soothing blue painting is the reflection. The clear and concise reflection could symbolize that how people see the world is a reflection of who they are. If one is an optimist, they will always find and see something good in the world. For a pessimist, they will always perceive that the world is unfair, evil, or selfish, a reaction prompted by how they view and react to situations negatively. The painting may be a clear indication that what happens on the inside is what is seen on the outside.

Another interesting varying interpretation of Georgia O'Keeffe's painting is that no problem is as big as it seems. Since the reflection looks almost as real as the mountain, the painter may have wanted to show that problems are not as serious as they may appear to be, and once peace and calmness take over, any problem can be solved. Currently, the Lake George painting is in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.