Lawrence stayed at the ranch, and the tree stood beside his cabin. The portrait is of a huge pine tree that overshadows the entire area. It has a long tree-stem with branches at the top full of green pine leaves. In the painting, the leaves look like black clouds up above connected. It seems to be in the night as stars can be seen in the blue skies beyond the tree.

From the viewer’s perspective, the artist must have been lying down on the bench staring into the night sky through the tree branches. For this reason, the painting or portrait has different ways of hanging as it can be hung sideways, standing upright, or with the branches facing down. Looking at most of her paintings, an attentive viewer can see that Georgia loved nature and trees. She made a painting of landscapes, flowers, mountains, hills, and general nocturnal bodies. She drew her inspiration from outdoor and nature. The Lawrence is among her newest paintings after she moved to New Mexico. When she arrived there, she stayed on the ranch with D.H. Lawrence.

In an interview, the disclosed that she loved lying on the bench beneath the Ponderosa pine tree to stargaze and sometimes daydream. She loved the sun, moon, and stars. The tree stood at the property front and gave psychedelic beauty and relaxation to those who stayed beneath it. Lawrence was a novelist and also admitted to staying under the tree when writing. He described the tree as a guardian angel standing outside his house. Taking a deeper look at the painting, it looks like a squid escaping from a huge cloud of darkness. Georgia painted the tree trunk and branches in maroon while the leaves simulate a cloud of black smoke.

Painted from Georgia’s perspective, the painting posed a little difficulty when hanging. The art curators at Wadsworth Athenaeum Museum of Art had always hung the painting upside down regardless of Georgia's letters on the painting. Later, Georgia painted hundreds of other art with nature and an outdoor vibe. Her knowledge of colour painting and modernism technique brings out a realistic picture even when it is still. She was multi-talented and could derive a great image from slightly looking at the drawing.