The Music Pink and Blue No 2 is the epitome of something humble and more glamorous. This is especially true if you want to treat yourself with a vibrant suggestive canvas. O'Keeffe uses the highest quality woods and painting colors in her entire Music Pink and Blue No. 2 artwork. Galvanized Staples, artist grade canvas, and American pine bars are combinations of materials that make this paint a real season winner. The abstract painting includes marvelous colors with brush strokes to bring a taste of style.

Her finishing touches include protective backing and friendly bumpers to ensure customers obtain top-quality paint possible. Her oil painting technology is nothing but just short of excellence. The Music Pink and Blue No.2 painting measures about 8x10. It has a weight capacity of 140lbs. Georgia O'Keeffe's Music Pink and Blue No. 2 is the perfect gift idea for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, and other party occasions. It comes with exceptional colors and detailed to fit your budget reality.

About the Artist

O'Keeffe continues to unravel the secret of her attraction through several paintings. She is best known for painting the great New York skyscrapers and Mexico's admiring landscapes. As the mother of America, O'Keeffe has been recognized as the 20th-century American artist who's provided a lot of serene artwork to locals. O'Keeffe is also a celebrated icon when it comes to vertical paintings. Her architecture in producing excellent animal bones is an inspiration that has paved the way for many women.

Georgia is an artist of national recognition. Over the past decades, she has proven her painting experience beyond the value for money. Recently, O'Keeffe has started attracting the interests of many people abroad. In her museum, you will find more than 150 paintings and hundreds of paper works, including charcoal and pencil drawings. You also won't miss watercolors and pastels.

O'Keeffe's reputation keeps growing and increasingly finding solace in America with her paintings accolading so much novelty in the artwork industry. Georgia O'Keeffe's Music Pink and Blue no.2 art figure is one of her significant artwork widely overlooked. It has proved her professionalism and artistic value. Her artwork is located in the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. She has a total of 23 artwork selections.

Music Pink and Blue in Detail Georgia O'Keeffe