Her main focal point being the Benjamin tower formally known as Hotel Beverly. Georgia O'Keeffe drew this painting while in her 30th-floor apartment which was situated in the Shelton Hotel. It depicts her strong vision and her ability to simplify the surrounding and creatively display it on a canvas. Through her window which faced Hotel Beverly, Georgia went ahead and crafted the iconic skyscraper ingeniously.

Georgia O'Keeffe created the painting using the oil on canvas technique just like the other skyscraper paintings. The strokes are gentle and creatively done with perfection like no other. Each detail is strategically positioned, and the final piece is a complete masterpiece that gives you a perfect idea of what the city was like during her days. Her ability to hold the brush firm and achieve a unique image is outstanding. In the painting, Georgia O’Keeffe is seen describing New York nightlife in rich detail. Her zooming abilities puts Hotel Beverly on the spotlight surrounded by other tall skyscrapers soaring high. She audaciously captures every single spot of the landmark and provides a much better view.

The flowerlike window design of the hotel is impressive and if you pay attention to the other windows included you will be able to see the light in the background. The lighted streets in the contextual are used to make the painting even more attractive. They also make the skyscraper stand out and breathe life to the city. Her complete focus dwells on the skyscrapers as she tries to eliminate any human lifeforms available. She is so far the only woman in her contemporary who could create a skyscraper on canvas and end up with an outstanding masterpiece that is remarkable and almost real.