These blocks of buildings are tall, and the artist seems to have drawn the painting on a levelled ground. While most of them are rectangular blocks, a particular building on the edge simulates the Statue of Liberty. Other specific features on the painting are two lights, yellow and red which look like street lights. The artist used a great modernism technique to express these angular buildings. She expressed her view of the city for the first time. The sky is dusk, and the moon peeps from the clouds. The streetlight creates a beautiful, unearthly aura, and the low-angled composition shows the Precisionism and personal symbolism techniques that were mostly seen in her work.

In an interview later, Georgia states that she lived in two rooms on the Shelton at the Lexington Avenue at the time of painting. These rooms were on the 30th floor, which explains the perfect view she expressed in her paintings. She further explained that the street light on the painting is at the Chatham Hotel on 47th Street. The artist intended to show this art at the Anderson Galleries (1925) organised by Alfred Stieglitz (her then husband) but the idea received opposition from Alfred. He said that even men had found it hard to paint these skyscrapers and insisted that she continue to show her more feminine and floral paintings. In the following year, 1926, she insisted that her husband show the picture at the Intimate Gallery (a show she had organised). It sold for $1,200.

The painting had some beautiful and precise edges that related to other artwork from top artists such as Charles Demuth, Charles Sheeler, George Ault, as well as Louis Lozowich. In one of her interviews, she stated that one could not paint New York City just as it is. Instead, it should be painted how it is felt. After closely assessing her artwork and paintings, the viewer should see that the artist had a special love for the moon and sun. The girl in the artist always loved the broad skies with the sun and moon, and this has been seen in other paintings such as Shelton Hotel New York No.1, City Night, New York night and Radiator Building-Night. Today, all these paintings are celebrated as New York’s Skyscrapers.

New York Street with Moon in Detail Georgia O'Keeffe