The painting features different elements which she is known to implement in her style of painting. The primary style from this Pink Shell with Seaweed can be categorized as Precisionism. The main elements recognizable in the painting include the sea snail with its distinct shell making it fit comfortably in the animal painting genre. The visual image is clear with vibrant colors with contracts. The snail shell shows the use of gradients the colors implemented.

Set within the Pink Sweet Pease series, the painting has set itself apart from her other paintings through the simple design and popularity within the mainstream online media platforms. The name may contrast with the actual painting since the shell doesn't appear to be pink but lighter gradients. In contrast with the color of the painting, the name might represent an artistic form of expression.

The outer shell has a wide range of colors that shift dramatically in other places, while in different sections, the change is gradual and uniform. The outer edges seem orange and change to more peach colors as they move into most of the shell's surface. There are yellow color gradients in the middle of the outer curl of the shell. Before getting to the shell's inner circles, the color is much lighter and brighter than the other parts. Towards the inner parts of the shell curl, the color is deeper with an orange lining.

The background and base of the shell are somewhat different. The overall background is blue with different gradients, representing water I a pond since the snail is assumed to be a water snail. The green base where the shell is sitting may represent some of the natural water plants growing on the pond, so the snail has taken refuge. It is possible to purchase versions of the ink Shell with Seaweed painting from different online stores with different sizes and quality. The painting is currently located in Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in the United States, owned by specific stakeholders.

The use of oil paint was a gamechanger for the painter due to the paints' new characteristics, which could create realism, such as the one seen in the Pink Shell with Seaweed painting. The painting also includes a certificate of authenticity for whoever owns the painting as well as the rights. Georgia O'Keeffe's paintings are much more than they seem, and even with this painting, there is so much it represents and so always open to discussions.