It gives both a sad and happy feeling. The picture shows a drought occurrence which sparks sadness. Happiness comes from a portrayal of hope because something good is about to happen. It is finally about to rain after a long drought. Thick and dark clouds take up most of the painting. It seems like heavy rain is about to pour. The evening is most likely the time of day. Somewhere between 3: 00 pm and 6: 00 pm. The clouds fully cover up the skies.

Looking down is hilly terrain. The hills are numerous. The artist has used brown paint to colour them. They appear bear, with very scarce vegetation. Shrubs make up most of the plantation. One tree is shown clearly than the rest. It lies at the bottom of one hill. The vegetation is overshadowed by dark grey colour. Georgia has painted it reflecting the colour from the clouds. The slopes of most hills have large depressions. Georgia has shaded them with a darker colour. They look like they have heavy erosions. Some hills are larger than others. There is also some light on some surfaces of the hills that can clearly show that it is still day.

In the middle of the painting, there is a ram’s skull. Two large horns shoot out from the head. They both have two slight arcs and nearly reach the top corners of the painting. The edges have worn out surfaces. At the roots of the horns, they are slightly broken and corroded. Georgia has angled the skull showing the front parts. One can see two large eye socket on the side. In the middle of the sockets is a corroding nasal cavity. It shows the ram that has been dead for a long time. The brown colour of the horns blends well with the hills.

The facial part of the skull has a beige colour. Above the left eye socket, there is a whitish hollyhock flower. It appears mature and healthy. The flower has five petals. There is a yellow sun-like colour in the middle of the flower. The ram’s skull confirms the drought. The artwork can have its location in the Middle East. It is a hilly place where individuals herd sheep. Frequent droughts strike the area and, livestock suffer from inadequate pasture.

Ram's Head, White Hollyhock-Hills in Detail Georgia O'Keeffe