The brightness and contemporary style of O'Keeffe have placed her in the top bracket of artists when it comes to art print reproductions.

She sits alongside the likes of Warhol, Picasso and Dali as those whose work can be seen in people's homes all across the world.

The content of her work is also varied enough to attract different tastes, from the industrial city scenes to the natural flowers and landscape art.

The modern, minimalist interiors of most homes are well suited to a bold splash of colour and contemporary art is particularly suited to this.

Smaller homes would not suit large scale renaissance art, where you must be able to stand from a distance in order to appreciate the painting as a whole.

You will find a similar scenario with national museums and galleries who will devote more room to a Rubens masterpiece than, say, a post-impressionist landscape.

Smaller, more affordable framed art can also be rotated around at the whim of rue household.

Keeping the same art layout across your house can easily become stale, so there can be a greater benefit from having more flexibility.