The bold, modernist style of O'Keeffe adorn this colourful section which features all the themes that you would expect to find in a summary of her work - large-scale flowers, animal bones plus landscapes and cityscapes.

O'Keeffe sought solace as her popularity started to grow. Her artwork started to go for exhorbitant prices and the added publicity encouraged her to move to New Mexico. The bright landscapes here were as Catalonia had been for Salvador Dali and southern France for Henri Matisse.

Whilst moving through architecture and landscapes for her work, flowers were a constant theme that she would return to time and time again. Close-up detail were found in most O'Keeffe flower paintings, but you will find from the display in this section that she spread her work across a great range of plants.

Painting was fundamental to O'Keeffe's early career and initial success, but in later years she was try out many other art mediums as a way of continually re-invent herself and retain her passion for work. Mediums in which she concentrated towards these latter years included pencil and charcoal sketches, photography, ceramics and watercolours.